• New ORM system engine
  • New embed virtual file system
  • Added a future base for plugin system
  • Updated bootstrap to version 2.0.3
  • Created a localization and translation system
  • Create a new install process
  • ORM can execute stand alone queries with method Model.query(string query) will return a Dictionary
  • ORM now supports MySQL and SQL Server
  • ORM can specified a Primary Key and can specified a autoincrement attribute in properties
  • ORM uses a generic SqlProvider that can extend for support other databases

Bug fixes

  • Fixed intall error when no have a database
  • Fixed subtable (submodels) insert (foreign)



  • Change ExtJS Desktop for simple bootstrap interface
  • Added anchor navigation system
  • Changed connection system from ajax get request to ajax json
  • Added script to generate release to codeplex
  • Added generic ModelList serialization to json
  • Deleted all ExtJS references
  • Home render with anchor system
  • Added dual license MIT and GPL
  • Added simple files documentation
  • Create a very simple install page
  • Add dropdown navigation system
  • Add simple data models viewer
  • Can disable feedback with appsetting = true

Bug fixes

  • Login process now connect to database
  • Change admin anchor system to Admin/Desktop to solve an error in Linux systems
  • Added in Tests/web.config a <sessionState mode="InProc" timeout="30" cookieName="Session auth" /> to fix a error with sessions
  • Fixed a error when anchor link don't like same '#!/'



  • Added tests project
  • Added support base model to json
  • Added a generic string converter
  • Added a basis admin page with ExtJS
  • Added resources files to output
  • Added a login support

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